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Turn on the Child
Learned Helplessness
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Is your child turned-off to school?

Can't seem to keep up with his class

Fights doing homework

Lacks motivation and self-esteem

Turned-Off Child

      Are you as parents, teachers and others working with children looking for answers and ways to help? The Turned-Off Child presents ideas to help you understand these "learned helpless" children and to have a different perspective on their learning problems. The book gives some tested methods and remediations for both home and school to help the underachieving child not only become a "can-do kid" but ways for children to develop life long habits for success. The authors have been teaching in the classroom, in private practice as educational therapists and have researched, lectured and written about learned helplessness and school failure for many years.

      The Turned-Off Child was published by the American Book Publishing Co. and is available for purchase. Other articles by the authors are: Learned Helplessness and School Failure - Part I, Learned Helplessness and School Failure - Part 2 and Why Are Children Failing in School?. They can be viewed on this website as well as on the Learning Disabilities Association, Williams Syndrome Association and Association of Educational Therapists websites.

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