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Learned Helplessness
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Robert and StudentMyrna and StudentRobert and Myrna Gordon have been working with children for more than thirty years as classroom teachers, resource specialists and educational therapists. They both have their master's degrees, life time credentials in special education, reading, elementary and secondary education. Robert taught at the University of Southern California Reading Clinic for seven years and was a mentor teacher. They both worked at the Switzer Center for troubled children in the Los Angeles area. While there they began researching and speaking on learned helplessness and school failure. They spoke in many parts of the country to packed audiences at conferences for the International Reading Association, Learning Disability Association, Good Teachers Conferences, California Resource Specialists Conferences and to many other groups involved with the education of children.

      In addition to speaking and experiential knowledge they thoroughly researched the subject through academic computer generated searches at UCLA and more recently the internet. They wrote a two part article for the Learning Disabilities Association's paper known as "The Gram" (Learned Helplessness and School Failure - Part 1 and Learned Helplessness and School Failure - Part 2). This article was placed on the LDA web site on the internet and has generated hundreds of phone calls for help. It was because of this response and desperate need for help that their book "The Turned-Off Child" was written.

Robert and Class