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Choke Out Learning      The Turned-Off Child, Learned Helplessness and School Failure was written out of our experiences with children as teachers, resource specialists and educational therapists. Over the years we worked with so many children that were not able to learn in school and were no longer trying. They had given up. In 1990 we began speaking around the country on "Learned Helplessness and School Failure". Our speech later evolved into a two-part article for the Learning Disabilities Association and placed on their web site (Learned Helplessness and School Failure - Part 1 and Learned Helplessness and School Failure - Part 2).

      There was so much response to the article that we were asked to write a book. The purpose of our book is threefold: first, we want to give parents an understanding of why their child is turned-off to school. We also want these parents to have some methods they can use in the home to help their child cope with school or benefit from home teaching. Second, we want to give the classroom teacher a new perspective on the underachieving child in their classroom and some tested methods they can use to help him/her achieve. Last we feel our book would be useful to an educational therapist in working with the learned-helpless child.