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Turn on the Child
Learned Helplessness
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Distorted Perceptions

Georgia Abi-Nader, President, California Learning Disabilities Association:

      "The Turned-Off Child offers a way to break the cycle of fear that paralyzes a student . . . and can help focus on the importance of the inner self and unlock skills to break the emotional barriers that have made a student feel like giving up."

Barbara Cunningham, Parent and Mental Health Counselor:

      "A landmark work that can empower teachers, parents, and educational therapists to unleash the potential of students who have become learned helpless . . . based on pioneering work by researchers."

Richard D. Lavoie, Author of It's So Much Work to Be Your Friend:

      "The Gordons put a human face on this issue with dozens of insightful anecdotes and creative strategies."

Daniel J. Converse, PhD, Professor, Chico State University:

      "The Gordons capably and pragmatically synthesize many ideas from the literature on what causes children to fail to learn."